Native Sons of the Golden West (NSGW)

Piedmont Parlor #120 Service Flag

     The Native Sons of the Golden West is a fraternal service organization founded July 11th, 1875 in San Francisco by General A.M. Winn as a lasting monument to the men and women of the Gold Rush Days. Membership to the organization is limited to native born Californians.

     The organization is dedicated to historic preservation, documentation of historical structures and places in the state, and the placement of historic plaques within California. The very first historical marker was placed in 1890 to honor the discovery of gold which gave rise to the state’s nickname “Golden State” and “Golden West”.

     Some of the past notable members of the NSGW include Former President Richard M. Nixon, former Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren, Stephen M. White (1853-1901), U.S. Senator 1893-1899, and Angelo J. Rossi (1878–1948) Mayor of San Francisco 1931–1944.

     This World War II NSGW Service Flag belonged to the Local Piedmont Parlor #120 located in Alameda, California.